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Four Step Assessment Plan

You visit our clinic twice, for the most comprehensive assessment available.

Step one

We ask you to complete a health questionnaire before you come in, using the Back to Health app. This appointment is a private consultation with one of our Practitioners, who will assess your spine generally. They may take images of your posture and X-Rays of your spine, if appropriate. You'll watch videos explaining our process, plans and costs.

Step two

This is a private session with your Practitioner who will show you your results and upload them to the app so you can see them on your phone. If you are a candidate for care, you will receive your first adjustment at this visit. This allows the Practitioner to see how your body responds to an adjustment before they recommend a specific treatment plan.

Step three

Participate in our Virtual Reality spinal healthcare workshop and experience seeing a full human spine in fully immersive Virtual Reality using a headset. This means that you can walk around a full-sized human spine in 3D. Back to Health is the first chiropractic clinic in the world to offer this unique experience. You’ll learn about the spine and all about our system of care.

Step four

In a private consultation with your practitioner, you’ll see your own spinal alignment in Virtual Reality. Using your X-Rays, we map your actual measurements to our Virtual Reality models so you understand your spine even better. Your chiropractor will recommend a plan of care and help you purchase.

All for just £250 (offers available on Groupon and Facebook). Book your assessment now.